La 31.10. Dia de los Muertos – perhejuhla / – family celebration  

Juhlassa klo 14-16 muistellaan edesmenneitä läheisiä ja iloitaan elämästä.  Ohjelmassa meksikolaista musiikkia ja tanssiesitys, askartelua ja välipala.  The celebration commemorates the deceased loved ones and rejoices the life.  The program includes Mexican music and dance performance, handcrafts and snacks. 
Sat 31.10. Time: 14-16.  

Verkkolähetys klo 15.15 sisältää meksikolaista musiikkia ja tanssiesityksen. Live stream at 15:15 includes Mexican music and dance performance.

About the performance:

Jaranas del Norte will celebrate the living and the dead with a selection of Mexican Son Jarocho music, including traditional songs that are commonly associated to Día de los Muertos celebration. As in the tradition, the performance will include music and ”zapateado” dance.

Portailla otettu kuva Jaranas del Norte -ryhmästä

About Jaranas del Norte:

Jaranas del Norte is an artistic collective created in 2019 and based in Helsinki that performs and promotes the musical, lyrical, and dancistic traditions of the Mexican folk style called Son Jarocho. This style combines indigenous, Spanish, and African musical elements, and it is traditionally performed during “fandango” celebrations: a communitary festive gathering with music, “zapateado” dance, and singing that typically last all-night long.