Chapple flea market

Chapple flea market is usually held on the first Sunday of the month from 12 noon to 3 pm. In these events you can make great discoveries or sell your unnecessary items (related to the theme of the event). The children’s playroom is open during the flea market. The event will feature coffee with a voluntary fee, which is donated to the Finn Church Aid. Pastries are also on sale. Our premises can accommodate about 20 sales outlets located in the same hall.

In Iso Omena, Chapple is located in M.E.E.T -square, on the second floor (between Nordea Premium Banking and LähiTapiola, above O’Learys restaurant, see the map at the end of this page). Free parking time in the hall is available for 4 hours for those who register for the Iso Omena app, 2 hours without registering. Nearest parking garages: down the ramp from Suomenlahdentie, P1A, P2 and P3.

Upcoming flea market events:

Sellers will be selling goods/products based on the theme of the event. Other goods/products can be sold as well.

In January , June, July and August there will be no events.

5.2. Women’s clothing (~18-40 years) LINK for booking

5.3. Entertainment and leisure LINK for booking

2.4. Summer outfits and parties LINK for booking

7.5. Decor and children’s clothing LINK for booking


The rent is paid in cash at the end of the sales day. We donate all of the money to Finn Church Aid. Sellers should bring coat hangers. Booking (and cancellation) is only possible online. A table can be reserved for a maximum of two times in a season, and only for those times when you sell items related to that theme of the event. There are max two persons at one table. Your table number will be given to you as you arrive to the event. Links are above.

• 5 € Table (incl. table 80 x 140 cm, bringing your clothes rack is allowed) 

• 10 € Clothes rack rental + table 


Sellers can bring in sales items from 11am and you should be ready before noon. You can bring your sales items from the parking garage with shopping carts and you can leave them to our youth room during the selling time. Doors are open for customers from noon until 3 pm. Sellers must leave by 4 pm. Items are not allowed to be left in the space, we do not accept donations. Used, intact goods and clothing and handicrafts (not just handicrafts) may be sold at the event. Do not sell food, K-18 products (excluding, for example, video games, horror movies), or large pieces of furniture. Remember to have change for customers (and a sign with MobilePay number). The nearest ATM is on the bus terminal level, at a different end than the metro square. In Chapple, you can find a fridge, microwave ovens, and dishware for your lunch and snacks. If you get sick on the flea market weekend, please cancel the table location via the link in the confirmation email.

5 tips for sellers:

1. Do not sell goods or clothing that are broken or dirty.

2. Use MobilePay and bring change. Customers can pay quickly via MobilePay if they don’t have (enough) cash. 

3. Price your products wisely. Think how much you would pay for those used items yourself. You can also put price tags on your items with painter’s tape or with a sign (”Clothes 1-5e” / ”All DVDs 1e”). 

4. Remember the theme of the flea market and bring products related to the theme. Other products can also be sold. In addition to the theme, it is worth considering the season (eg. winter clothes should not be sold in the spring)!

5. Promote the event! For example, by sharing the Facebook event ( fall 2023: ) or invite your friends. Olari parish promotes the event e.g. on its own social media accounts, family mailing list, Kirkko & kaupunki magazine, Espoo Puskaradio groups and other regional groups on Facebook.

The floor plan and table chart of the fleamarket